The IMPACTECH project models the economic impacts of a low-carbon energy transition.

We expect renewables to play an increasing role in the EU energy mix and are interested in the implications of their wider deployment.

The model can evaluate the expected trend of the impact of changes in the energy mix on basic economic indicators over a given time horizon:

  • employment requirements
  • gross domestic products
  • gross value added
  • greenhouse gas emissions


This output was created within the project TAČR Theta „Economic impacts of the deployment of different technologies in the low-carbon transformation“, nr. TK01010208


The main output is a freely accessible model



Who and what can the project outputs serve?

  • to the choice of energy policy strategies - particularly with regard to its economic and labor market impacts. They are intended for energy policy makers in the Czech Republic as well as other interested parties.
  • for organizations - active in the field of energy and the transition to a low-carbon economy - whether specific private entities, interest groups, state organizations or civic associations.

The model can incorporate (1) scenarios for the development of the energy mix by individual sources and (2) assumptions about the development of the costs of the modelled energy sources. These inputs must be in the form described on the Model IMPACTECH webpage and in the Model Technical Manual, and as scenarios for the development of the energy mix can be the output of the State Energy Policy or other scenarios. More information on the model structure and methodology is provided in the detailed Methodology.

The results of the model give an idea of the changes in the demand for the product of each sector depending on changes in the energy mix. The model will also suggest in which sectors and at which skill levels labor demand will grow and in which positions it will decline. The model thus shows the impact of the scenarios on the labor market and, as a consequence, on employment and education policy.

The IMPACTECH project is also creating an analysis of the needs of the renewable energy sector in the Czech Republic. RES experts are collaborating on inputs to the model in the form of assumptions about the development of the modelled technologies and expectations for the development of the energy mix. The participatory modelling method draws experts into a closer discussion with each other and thus helps to name the factors that play a role in the development of renewable energy sources.


The IMPACTECH project, supported by the Technology Agency of the Czech Republic, is implemented by the team of the Department of Environmental Studies of Masaryk University. The external guarantors of the project are the Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Czech Republic, the Chamber of Renewable Energy Sources and CI2, o.p.s. The aim of the project is to create a model mapping the effects of low-carbon transformation on employment.

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